2022-11-09 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wednesday, November 9th, 2022 at ACC
(Total scheduled minutes: 65 min)
Present: Rachelle Payne, John Scott, Joyce Long, Roger Irvin, Melissa Meyer
Apologies: Dorothy Brinckerhoff
1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting (5 min)
2. Review board email votes since last meeting (1 min)
On Oct 14th Dorothy received a contract from McGinnis Restoration, the contractor completing the Hot Water Heater Reconstruction. It matched what Liberty Mutual has agreed to pay for repairs which is $33,801.43. It also had a “work to be completed by” date of 12-31-22. She emailed the board who approved her signing so the workers could get started on the repairs.
3. Prioritize Agenda (2 min)
4. Review and Accept Financial Reports (5 min)
Tabled till next month.
5. Resale Shop Updates (5 min)
Progress Report (Dorothy): State of sublet agreement on 5th street side of the 540 Main St. building for the Resale Shop.
Tabled till next month
6. Move from MadMimi to MailChimp (5 min)
Progress report (Dorothy, Melissa)
Melissa reports that the first email was sent out successfully. Roger reported that he did not get the email so he attempted to sign up on the website. The signup form was not working so Melissa is going to fix the form to make sure it’s usable.
7. Preschool Updates(15 min)
Report (Rachelle, Joyce & Melissa)
Recruitment of students/ Enrollment
2 Tuition Assistant Applications were reviewed.
Play yard repairs-
Rock Party! Rock was removed and looks great! The bushes outside were trimmed by a Grandparent. Thanks go out to all! All repairs to the Playground have been completed.
Silent Auction for Preschool- Rachelle reports that the parents in charge have started asking for donations from local area businesses.
Storybook Land is scheduled. Rachelle has requested $150 to take everyone out for Pizza afterwards. The Board thought that was a great idea and will help to foster community within the Preschool Parent Group.
Rachelle reports that children are not being sent to school with proper jackets to wear for outdoor play. She requested $50 to buy 4 gently used jackets to have on hand to allow all children to play outside.
8. Hot Water Heater Reconstruction (5 min)
Discussion (All)
Rachelle reports the Contractors have sent her choices for the Cabinets and soon flooring. The board looked at the choices and agreed to let Rachelle choose what she thinks is best. The drywall has been completed in the kitchen and dining room.
9. Plan for sign construction, grant proposal (5 min)
Discussion (Roger)
Jeanne Lindsey successfully submitted the application for the grant before the deadline. We are waiting to hear back within the month.
10. Holiday Festival (5 min)
(Melissa, Joyce)
Everything is on track! Melissa and Joyce report that the volunteers are working well together and are already looking forward to next year.
11. Year End Letter (5 min)
Discussion (All)
The letter went out with the help of all the Board members.
12. New Business (5 min)
Melissa proposed a Celebration/Open House Party to invite the community to see the new kitchen and welcome back the programs post covid. Rachelle suggested we pair it with the “Celebrate Alpine” summer event that was put on in 2018 & 2019. All agreed that this is a great idea and planning will begin in the New Year.

13. Proposed agenda for December (1 min)
Resale shop lease agreement
Holiday Festival Recap
Sign Construction
Preschool General Updates
Hot water Heater Reconstruction
Year End Letter
Celebrate Alpine/Open House Planning
14. Schedule (1 min)
Holiday Festival 11/12
ACC Board Meeting 12/14

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