2022-12-14 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 at ACC
(Total scheduled minutes: 70 min)
Present: Rachelle Payne, John Scott, Roger Irvin, Melissa Meyer
Apologies: Dorothy Brinckerhoff (Phoned In), Joyce Long

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting (5 min)
2. Review board email votes since last meeting (1 min)
3. Prioritize Agenda (2 min)
4. Review and Accept Financial Reports October & November(5 min)
Tabled till next meeting
5. Resale Shop Updates (5 min)
Progress Report (Dorothy): State of sublet agreement on 5th street side of the 540 Main St. building for the Resale Shop.
Dorothy reports that Andi says her rent has gone up on the building so we might have to re-negotiate our rent payment.
7. Preschool Updates(15 min)
Report (Rachelle, Joyce & Melissa)
Recruitment of students/ Enrollment
Field trip to Storybook Land and Pizza Party- big success, Pj party and Polar Express
Online Auction over 2k, Poinsettia $800

8. Hot Water Heater Reconstruction (5 min)
Discussion (All)
Rachelle reports they painted the kitchen, classroom and hallway today. She had requested they take down the boards before painting and they did not do it. The Circle room did not get painted. Dorothy will contact Nate. Rachelle has been reviewing flooring and was informed that we can’t go over $2 per square ft but none of the samples were under $2. All the samples came from Home Depot. The contractor said they will reach out to the insurance company. Dorothy is going to also look into it.
We believe the contract is a lump sum for all the work and the contractor is not due additional payment for the flooring unless requested by ACC.
9. Sign construction, grant proposal (5 min)
Discussion (Roger)
We received the Grant!! Deadline end of next year. Paperwork should be arriving soon.
10. Alpine Water Company (5 min)
(John, Rachelle)
John reports that on Monday 12/5 they mailed a letter to all the Alpine Water Company share-owners and tenant-users. It discussed some recent adverse events for the Water Company and calls for a co-op meeting on Thursday, January 12th, 2023.
Rachelle and John will be representing ACC at this meeting, as part of their service on the AWC board. Part of this meeting will be the discussion of raising the base rate for water service.
11. Holiday Festival Recap (5 min)
(Melissa, Joyce)
The Alpine Holiday Festival was a big success! This was the first year under new leadership. There was a net profit of $3047.
12. Year End Letter (5 min)
Discussion (All)
Tabled till next meeting.
13. New Business (5 min)
14. Proposed agenda for January (1 min)
Summer Event

15. Schedule (1 min)
ACC Board Meeting 1/11/23

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