Volunteers are treasured at Alpine Community Center! Everything that takes place is the direct result of volunteer action. The community’s commitment to owning and maintaining a community center is demonstrated through the terrific volunteer support.

ACC volunteers enjoy getting to know their neighbors, participating in a local volunteer opportunity that is well organized, and watching their contribution make a huge difference in their community.

If you would like to explore opportunities to help out, please contact ACC through the Contact form or call Evelyn at 541-847-6028.

Here are some of the many ways that volunteers make ACC a success!:

Volunteer shop-keepers run the Monroe Resale Shop.

Volunteers keep the Recycling Center clean and tidy.

Volunteers on the Building Committee work to care for and enhance the building and grounds at the center, along with a broad fellowship of working volunteers who help on specific projects for a few hours at a time.


Building volunteers

Volunteers are needed once a year to help with the Alpine Holiday Festival.

The Board of Directors meets regularly to coordinate all these efforts, and mind the ins and outs of the center.

And there are many more opportunities. Feel free to suggest a way that you would like to help!