2023-12-13 Board Minutes

ACC Board Minutes
Wednesday, December 13, 2023 at 6:00 pm
At the community center

Present: Joyce Long, Rachelle Payne, Dorothy Brinckerhoff, John Scott
Absent: Roger Irving, Melissa Meyers

Review Previous Minutes
None of us remember any corrections to the November minutes. Approved.

Board Actions via Email

Preschool Report
Rachelle reported that the Poinsettia sale went great.
The parents are collecting items for the silent auction. They have already received many donations. The auction is this Friday-Saturday (15-16th) with pickup Sunday the 17th, 10-2pm, at ACC.

The 3-4yr class has had 1 student withdraw, after the child broke their leg. Another student’s parent has withdrawn them for unrelated reasons. This leaves the younger class down to 5 students, and older class at 7 students. Rachelle would like to combine the two classes. The parents support doing so, and Rachelle’s judgement is that it would work well for all. Rachelle asked whether the Board would support combining. The board members present all agreed.

Keith Payne has kindly taken down the old blinds in the great hall and mounted the new ones. The board concurred that the old blinds are not worth any salvage attempt, and are OK to send to the landfill. John took the box of old blinds to help them find a suitable dumpster.

Dorothy and Melissa have worried lately that the preschool parents interact so much with Rachelle that they may be unaware of the Board’s role in the preschool. Dorothy suggested that the board should survey the parents to solicit feedback about preschool, to counteract a possible perception that the board is a silent, faceless, uninvolved entity in the shadows. Joyce & John agreed that this was worth doing.

We have a building rental scheduled for Saturday the 16th. Joyce will meet them Saturday morning to admit them into the center, get them started, and remind them of the cleanup rules. Dorothy can check in late afternoon to remind them to clean up.

Financial Reports
Dorothy reported that she is growing more comfortable with online QuickBooks.
Holiday festival net appears to be $3600-3700, but some expenses are not on the books yet.
Poinsettia netted around $1000-1600, but some entries may have been mis-assigned.
The new entry in the P&L for “Sales of product” is sales from the resale shop.
SBCE Art in the Park wages now appear up in main wage expenses rather than their previous location tucked away in the end as Other. This makes it harder to match them up to the offsetting reimbursement from SBCE.
Accepting the financials was tabled to next month due to lack of quorum (Rachelle had already left.)

Readerboard Sign Project
Sign construction is done. The Oregon Cultural Trust has sent out an announcement of our announcement. Dorothy has observed that on cloudy days, the solar powered lights are dimmed out by 11pm. Jonathan & his wife are putting up announcements about the community shared dinners. Dorothy has organized the letter stock in a cabinet.

Alpine Holiday Festival Lessons Learned
The after-event evaluation confirmed the success that we observed on the day. Next year we will need a new volunteer to manage the raffle—Kerry is planning to redirect her effort to the kitchen. Other volunteers plan to return next year.

New Business
Most of us having been using an email address for Joyce that she is no longer checking regularly. Joyce asked us to please use her use gmail address.

Next mtg 1/10/24

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