2019-01-09 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Dena Elliott, Roger Irvin, Rachelle Payne, Kristen Norris, John Scott

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting


2. Review board email votes since last meeting


3. Prioritize Agenda

4. Financial Report

The board reviewed and accepted the financial reports for December.

5. Preschool Report

Kristen reported that the preschool is going well.

There is maintenance needed on the play structure. Kristen will ask parents for a volunteer to fix it.

There was an intrusion into the building the night of January 1st, with vandalism. There was feces smeared on the walls, vomit left in a trash can, popcorn and candy wrappers left in the main hall. Our Tuesday evening music group folks report that the building was clean when they left. The board discussed possible responses to this event. Dorothy will get quotes from two locksmiths for installing keyed-alike deadbolts on the five doors.

Joyce reported on the resubmission of the background checks request. Joyce has reassembled the package and passed it on to Dorothy for check writing and mailing.

6. Convening a listening meeting of Latinx in Monroe

The board discussed an idea to convene a listening meeting of Latina mothers and grandmothers in Monroe, to seek ideas of how we could serve their families. We discussed our uncertainty about what we even have capacity to offer in Monroe (as contrasted to at the Center in Alpine). We decided to invite Janeece Cook, who works with Strengthening Rural Families and the South Benton Food Bank to come meet with us and share her perspective and experience working with our Latinx community.

Action Item (Joyce): Invite Janeece to our 2/13 board meeting.

7. Celebrate Alpine planning

The board discussed planning for our June 22 Celebrate Alpine event. We reviewed our July 2018 minutes for our lessons learned from last year’s event, including our notes about the publicity plan.

Action Item (Joyce): Talk to John Ghent and reach out to Ol’ School to ask them to book the date.

Action Item (Rachelle): Coordinate with Andi Hooper for BBQ truck (ref.: November minutes)

8. Merged calendar participation with City of Monroe

Joyce reported that there is no news on this project.

9. Recycling Center abuse

Joyce reported that there has been no progress on configuring the video recorder to the network.

10. 2012/2014 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation

Dorothy reported that there has been no progress on the final report to Trust Mgmt.

11. New Business

Winter has arrived, and it’s time to guard against the pipes freezing.

Action Item (John): Plug in the heat tape at the water pipe.

12. Proposed agenda for February

Janeece Cook, on Latinx community outreach

13. Schedule

ACC Board 2/13, Celebrate Alpine save the date 3/15

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