2019-02-13 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Kristen Norris, Rachelle Payne, Dorothy Brinckerhoff, John Scott, Janeece Cook
Absent: Roger Irvin, Dena Elliot

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting


2. Review board email votes since last meeting


3. Prioritize Agenda

4. Financial Report

The board reviewed and accepted the financial reports for January.

5. Preschool Report

Kristen reported that Scamper sponsor recruitment is under way. The Scamper is scheduled for May 4th.

There have been a couple incidents of a dog pooping under the front eave, near the play area. Some kids have stepped in it, and tracked it in. We discussed whether there was a practical way to install a gated barrier, but could not see a clear fix.

Farm field trip to Ashenbrenner’s was today. The preschool Valentines party is on the 14th.

Monroe Library is going to come in once a month to do a story time with each of the classes.

The annual PCPO conference is in March. Kristen is trying to arrange logistics so she can go. The board encouraged her in this, and pledged support for registration and related expenses.

6. Janeece Cook on Outreach to Latinx in Monroe

Janeece described the various outreach programs of Strengthening Rural Families. SRF’s primary outreach to latinas in Monroe is their Amigos de Monroe monthly meeting (last Wednesday of the month at the Methodist church). SRF has a bilingual coordinator on staff for the greater Benton-Linn county area who organizes that, and Janeece participates as well. Outreach is about showing up reliably, building relationships and trust gradually. Janeece suggested that we would do well to start by attending the Amigos de Monroe meetings to get acquainted with the folks who come to that group.

Janeece also discussed her work with South Benton Food Pantry. We discussed the possibility of collaborating on a Health Fair event this spring.

7. Celebrate Alpine planning

Andi Hooper sent word through Rachelle that she thinks that we would be better to have the Celebration on a different weekend, either a week earlier or later, so as not to compete/conflict with the Alpine Softball tournament on 6/22. Dorothy has spoken to a representative of the Alpine Alrights softball team, who are planning special events that day that they would like to coordinate with the Celebration. We confirmed that we will go forward for 6/22.

8. Merged calendar participation with City of Monroe

Joyce reported that there has been no further work on testing this.

9. Recycling Center abuse

No progress on configuring the video recorder to network

10. 2012/2014 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation

No progress on the final report to Trust Mgmt.

11. New Business

John reported that he spent some time with Evelyn Lee this month, reviewing the ACC and ACC-adjascent materials that she has stored in her garage and barn. Large items are 3 pop-up canopies, 8 five-gallon water jugs, and around 15 sandwich boards that were used for direction markers on the Alpine Century. John also took possession of some files of ACC business matters from the early years. The sandwich boards are Evelyn’s, while the pop-ups and jugs are believed to belong to ACC. John asked Evelyn to continue storing the pop-ups until June, when we will use them for Celebrate Alpine, after which we will find a new place to store them. She is also willing to continue storing the jugs. John gave Evelyn OK to offer the short-term loan of the jugs to other individuals or groups in the community that may have need of them.

Door locks and deadbolts. Dorothy has called 3 locksmiths, and got one to come out to give an estimate. The estimate was for $448, to install keyed-alike deadbolts to all the doors and re-key the knobs to match.
Rachelle moved to approve the expense quoted at $448, Dorothy seconded, Approved.

The background check application packet has been returned from DOE again. Dorothy & Joyce will follow up.

12. Proposed agenda for March

Save the Date announcement for Celebrate Alpine

13. Schedule

Amigos de Monroe 2/27, ACC Board 3/13, Dragon Pride 3/16, Monroe Vino Vintage festival 4/27

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