2015-09-09 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wed., September 9th, 2015 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Rachelle Payne, Roger Irvin, Charlene Opheim, John Scott, Shirley Blake, Keith Payne
Absent: Dena Elliott

  1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting
  1. Review board email votes since last meeting


  1. Prioritize Agenda
  1. Financial Report

Financial reports for August will be distributed by email within the next week.

  1. Preschool Report

Charlene reported that the preschool had 20 kids today (including 2 visitors and 2 children of the teachers) on the first day of classes. We also have a waiting list of students who want to attend.

The school district ordered 28 new chairs for this year, but they were smaller than intended when they arrived. The school and the vendor agreed to donate them to our preschool.

Char has looked at two different models of storage cabinet/sheds. The board encouraged her to purchase the larger shed.

Joyce has discussed various preschool-related needs with Christy Cox of Ford Family Foundation, and was encouraged to make a grant request for specific needs. Joyce will organize a meeting this month to prioritize needs to address through grant applications.

  1. Preschool Tuition Assistance Program Status & Guidelines

We have 9 applications for TAP, and there may be another. The early literacy grant included funds for 4 scholarships “for low income families”. We also may have funds available out of the funds raised by the parents last year, a portion of which was informally intended to support the TAP. Dorothy proposed that we offer all the applicants a commitment through January, and we work over the next few months to raise funding for the rest of the year and adopt a coherent policy. Dorothy moved that we underwrite the tuition of three certain applicant students by half and the others by 2/3rds through January 31st, with a review in January, and an openness to appeal related to extreme circumstances. Roger seconded, passed.

  1. Coordination with School District

The Early Literacy grant language was loose enough that there was room both for us to expect the funds to be used for preschool busing, and for the district to believe that they have used the funds already for busing for the kindergarten jump start program. We discussed options, such as trying to run our own bus, or contracting services from First Student or Dial-a-Bus. We also discussed ways to negotiate both a near-term agreement and a long-term partnership agreement with the school district. Roger will arrange a meeting for himself and Joyce with Russ Pickett within the next few days.

There was no school board meeting last week, but this month will be on September 14th. Rachelle is no longer going to be able to fit this into her schedule, so we will need to have another board member attend.

  1. Building Task Force

Dorothy reported on the Phase 2 Main Hall lighting improvements. The lighting designer Roger contacted came this last month and the Pacific Power energy audit happened. Both told us to expect reports or proposal documents, but neither document has been received.

John reported that the toilet replacement was completed 9/7/15 by Jo Ellen Watts.

Joyce has an estimate from a security & low-voltage contractor who has done work for her at the Refuge for the security lights & camera on the recycle center. His bid is for $650 for a three-socket motion detector light with LED bulbs, video recorder unit, and 2 cameras. John confirmed that this price compared reasonably to the prices for components he has priced at Jerry’s and Costco (without included installation). Dorothy moved that we approve $650 expense for the installation of this lighting and video system, Rachel seconded, passed.

Roger reported that Lori Stephens’ quote for physical model of the plan she drew up would be in the range of $2200 to $3100, depending on options we choose.

  1. Procedures for publishing through the email list

Discussion tabled until next month.

  1. 2012 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation

Roger has done up more detailed plans for his proposed design for an informational kiosk for the recycling center, with materials cost estimated around $1000. Dorothy has secured an offer from Steve Rose to design and produce the signs for the kiosk when we are ready for them.

  1. So. Benton Community Advisory Group (SBAG) for M. Hull bequest

No news.

  1. Prep for Alpine Holiday Festival

All preparations are under way. We already have most vendor booths reserved for the Festival, to be held on November 14th.

  1. New Business

Prep for Christmas tree lot. Keith Payne attended. He and the wrestling team want to partner with ACC again this year, but need ACC to help assemble the tree stand racks. We also need to have new and better signage, and more publicity to make clear that the lot now benefits ACC and the wrestling team, instead of the Lions’ Club. ACC board is willing to do these things. We will plan to do the setup the weekend of Nov. 21-22 (Thanksgiving is Nov 26). Rachelle will coordinate staffing. Rachelle moved that we do this partnership again this year and make a new sign, Dorothy seconded, passed.

Resale shop is still thin on volunteers. One recent volunteer hasn’t shown, and Rachelle is having trouble reaching other possible volunteers.

  1. Proposed agenda for October

Preschool Bus Transportation coordination with District

Funding for Preschool Tuition Assistance Program

Policy for tuition Assistance Program

  1. Schedule

ACC board 10/14, ACC Board 11/11, Alpine Holiday Festival 11/14

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