2023-01-09 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Agenda
6:00 pm Monday, January 9th, 2023 at ACC
(Total scheduled minutes: 75 min)
Present: John Scott, Roger Irvin, Melissa Meyer, Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Joyce Long
Apologies: Rachelle Payne (Emailed In)
1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting (5 min)
2. Review board email votes since last meeting (1 min)
3. Prioritize Agenda (2 min)
4. Review and Accept Financial Reports October & November & December (15 min)
Reviewed and Accepted
5. Resale Shop Updates (5 min)
Progress Report (Dorothy): State of sublet agreement on 5th street side of the 540 Main St. building for the Resale Shop.
Still waiting to hear back from Andi.
7. Preschool Updates(15 min)
Report (Rachelle, Joyce & Melissa)
Recruitment of students/ Enrollment
Still lots of room for more students.
Rachelle reports that there are a couple of local people littering the outside of the center at night while using the wifi. She has posted signs asking them to not leave trash, cigarette buts, etc. but it has not improved. The Board isn’t opposed to the community using the wifi but they need to be respectful of the center. The Board decided to change the wifi password and only give it to those who sign an agreement to be respectful of the property.
Rachelle reports that a group of people who use the facility monthly for free are not cleaning up after themselves and are allowing a child to play with the Preschool toys and writing on papers that should not be altered. The Board drafted and approved a letter to the group asking them to clean up after themselves and not allow the child to disrupt the organization of the Preschool.
Rachelle has requested $100 for a new Marble Maze. The Board approved.

8. Hot Water Heater Reconstruction (5 min)
Discussion (All)
Dorothy talked to the Contractor about the flooring and they will not be charging us extra over the quoted price. The cabinets have gone in, the painting is done and the floors are prepped and ready for flooring. Construction is halted until the flooring is received.
9. Sign construction (5 min)
Discussion (Roger)
Roger and John will begin buying materials and finalizing the lettering. Construction is planned to start in the spring.
10. Alpine Water Company (5 min)
(John, Rachelle)
From 12/14/2022 Meeting: John reports that on Monday 12/5 they mailed a letter to all the Alpine Water Company share-owners and tenant-users. It discussed some recent adverse events for the Water Company and calls for a co-op meeting on Thursday, January 12th, 2023.
Rachelle and John will be representing ACC at this meeting, as part of their service on the AWC board. Part of this meeting will be the discussion of raising the base rate for water service.
New Business: Over the last few weeks there has been a struggle to keep the water safe to drink. This is common in times of heavy rains and is something that affects the entire Alpine water table. Benton County is aware but hasn’t taken action to study these effects.
11. Year End Letter (5 min)
Discussion (All)
$3290 has been received as donations from the Year End Letter.

12. Celebrate Alpine summer event (5 min)
Discussion (All)
The Board discussed the past events and John will locate and share the past meeting minutes.
We will invite Andi to the next meeting to discuss her supplying kegs, BBQ and bands. Tentative date of June 17th, 3-7pm. Alpine Alrights? Trudy and Pete Salarno to pour wine ? VFW to help with setup and cleanup?
13. New Business (5 min)
Melissa reports that non-recycling items (trash) have continued to be left at the Recycling Center. The Board brainstormed ideas on how to educate the community on what can and can’t be recycled.
REcycling day, dump/cleanup day, Informative days, Educating the community to help stop trash being left at the Recycling Center
Melissa will look into ways Republic can help with events like this.
14. Proposed agenda for February (1 min)
Resale shop lease agreement/updates
Sign Construction
Preschool General Updates
Hot water Heater Reconstruction
Year End Letter
Alpine Water Company
Celebrate Alpine summer event
Recycling Events
15. Schedule (1 min)
ACC Board Meeting 2/06/23 (Note: Date Change)

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