2022-06-08 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Meeting

6:00 pm Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Rachelle Payne, Melissa Meyer, John Scott, Dorothy Brinckerhoff

Not Present: Roger Irvin

  1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting (5 min)
  2. Review board email votes since last meeting (1 min)
  3. Prioritize Agenda (2 min)

 Move Preschool to top because Rachelle needs to leave by 6:45pm

  1. Review and Accept Financial Reports (5 min)

Financial reports for May.

Melissa moved to accept the financial report, Joyce accepted, all approved

  1. Reopening of the Resale Shop (5 min)

Progress Report (Dorothy and Melissa): State of sublet agreement on 5th street side of the 540 Main St. building for the Resale Shop.

Dorothy talked to Andi and agreed on a share of the electricity:

October-March $50, April-September $25.

Dorothy will get these numbers added into the sublet agreement draft and emailed out to the board for approval.

  1. Move from MadMimi to MailChimp (5 min)

Dorothy and Melissa are still working on making this happen.

  1. Preschool Status (15 min)

Rachelle reported that the front play yard needs some repairs before the next school year.

We received an estimate to build the back fence and repair the front fence from Duval Land Management for $9871.38.

Summer program- Only 1 spot left

Open House- one down and another July 27th

Graduation- Went great! 6 kids moving up to Kindergarten.

BBQ on Friday for the Preschool families.

Castaway Pest Management came out and sprayed and we have seen a decrease in wasp activity.

  1. Webster Avenue potholes (5 min)

Discussion (Rachelle)- Scott Adams we will be open to discuss opinions on grading vs not grading. Either way ACC will contribute to the cost involved. We will offer $200 in gravel contingent on the neighborhood providing $400 for a total of $600.

Dorothy made a motion, Rachelle seconded, all approved.


  1. Plan for sign construction, grant proposal (5 min)

Discussion (Roger)

Roger emailed an estimate with a supply/labor list totaling $3125. Dorothy commented that the total cost of materials at $1,625 is well under the $2,000 grant limit set by the Benton County Cultural Commission and should have a reasonable chance of getting funded.


  1. Holiday Festival

Meeting was held on May 26th to discuss the hand off of the event to new volunteers. It was expressed to the new volunteers the importance of the event staying a fundraiser for ACC. The event will be held November 12, 2022. The Monroe Grade School gym and kitchen are reserved for November 11-12.

Present: Jeanne Lindsay, Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Thorin Nielson, Eliza Mason, Kerry Hastings, Mike Hastings, Joyce Long, Jan O’Banion
Not Present: Melissa Meyer, Beatrice Rose

  1. Logo/Sign Contest
    The board discussed the idea of a logo/sign contest and decided not to pursue it at this time.
  2. Fundraising Ideas
    Ideas that were brought up: Cook off, silent auction with donation, sell cookie dough, Yard Sale

Further discussion is needed.


  1. New Business (5 min)

Christmas in July event. Dorothy reported that this will be a collaboration with the Monroe Arts Association and Christmas Junction to be held on Saturday, July 23 from 10am to 7pm. Joyce and Melissa both committed to being available that entire day to help at the Resale Shop location to support the festival and promote ACC by running an activity, perhaps selling cotton candy.

Yearly Budget- John presented the first draft of the 22-23 budget. The board discussed what needed to be adjusted.


  1. Proposed agenda for July (1 min)

Christmas in July Resale Shop


  1. Schedule (1 min)

ACC Board Meeting 7/13

Preschool BBQ June 10th

Preschool Open House July 27th




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