2017-04-12 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Roger Irvin, Dena Elliott, Charlene Opheim, John Scott
Absent: Rachelle Payne

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting


2. Review board email votes since last meeting

This month we had an email vote to send Joyce & Dorothy to the RDI Rural Skill Builder conference May13th, in Vancouver WA, by paying their registration and covering their hotel expense for the night preceding the conference. The expense was approved by the other four board members.

3. Prioritize Agenda

4. Financial Report

The board reviewed and accepted the financial reports for March.

5. Preschool Report

Charlene reported that Scamper (5/6/17) preparations are going well. So far the group has $2950 in sponsor donations and $1217 in registrations. No additional help from directors needed at this time.

Charlene is currently receiving the early round of registrations for next year. We’ve received early registration for 12 bigs and 7 littles (with no advertising or promotion at the start of the sign-up season).

The board discussed John’s draft graph of preschool income and expenses over the last several years, brainstorming several ways to make it communicate better.

6. Background Checks for Volunteers

Rachelle sent the request to the Oregon DOE for the report on the background checks on our staff & directors at the end of March, and hasn’t yet received the report back.

7. FFF Grant for Staff Development and QRIS Plan

The board discussed the feedback from the Pre-certification inspection that we received on 4/4. The inspection went well. The inspector was most concerned with the way the physical layout of our rooms makes it impossible for a teacher or aide to have the whole space in view at once. The board discussed a proposal Dorothy, Roger, and Charlene developed following the inspection for remodeling the classroom and kitchen area to transform it into a single area. The board agreed to have Dorothy include the proposal in the grant applications she is preparing.

We posted the occupancy load certificate we received after a fire department inspection.

Char completed a child abuse reporting class this month, and will do a first aid class next month.

Char and Rachelle have confirmed that we will need our co-oping parents to be first aid/CPR certified. We will work on arranging with Monroe Volunteer Fire Department to do training for them. Also, next year we will need to enroll all co-oping parents in the Oregon Registry at a cost of $35 per person. We still need to determine how these fees will be paid.

8. Recycling Center abuse

Configuration of video recorder to network. Tabled.

9. 2012/2014 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation

Report (Dorothy & John) Recycling center sign; Preschool sign

Dorothy & Charlene reported that the Preschool sign & banner were received this month. The sign has posted.
Action Item (Dorothy) Compose the final report to Trust Management for these grants.

10. Volunteer recognition

Rachelle has canvassed the Resale Shop volunteers for an available date. The recognition event will probably be held on 5/13 and will be a dinner at Benny’s Pizza Joint. Volunteers will be rewarded with generic (like Visa) cards in the amount of $20.

11. Alcohol service for private events at the Center

Dorothy has found the section in our insurance policy that might apply to requiring us to require events to use licensed servers when they serve alcohol. Neither she or Roger can be sure what it means. It appears to be written to allow the insurance carrier to interpret it either way as they prefer. Board discussed this and is willing to continue with no set policy either way. Dorothy agreed to forward this policy page to the rest of the board so they can read it and weigh in if they think they have a better understanding than Roger’s and Dorothy’s.

12. So. Benton Community Advisory Group (SBAG) for M. Hull bequest

Roger reported no news from SBAG.

13. Painting the main hall

We discussed the cracked paint on the north interior wall of the main hall, and the clear need to scrape and repaint it. The conduits on the wall will need to be primed before they can be painted. Roger will test a chip from the wall for lead content, to check whether we need to take special precautions while removing the old paint.

14. Work items for LDS camper work day in July

We brainstormed possible things the campers could do. Shampoo the carpet? Painting inside of the main hall (mask, TSP, dry, paint/roll, edge)? Pull weeds? We agreed that if we can scrape the walls prior to this day, we can organize them into a painting party where they should be able to get the main hall done up to the top of the block walls. We do not want them climbing big ladders to reach the upper walls on the east and west ends.

15. New Business

16. Proposed agenda for May

Planning for parent co-oping in 2017-18 (training, expectations, Registry, handbook)

Budgeting for 2017-18

17. Schedule

Preschool Scamper 5/6, ACC Board 5/10, Resale Shop volunteer recognition event 5/13

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