2017-02-08 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Dena Elliott, Charlene Opheim, Rachelle Payne, Roger Irvin, John Scott
Absent: Dorothy Brinckerhoff

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting

2. Review board email votes since last meeting

3. Prioritize Agenda

4. Financial Report
The financial reports for January were not yet available.

5. Preschool Report
Charlene reported that cold & flu season is still in full swing.
A couple weeks ago they had a field trip to the OSU barns to see the cows and pigs. This week they are going to a dental office.

6. Background Checks for Volunteers
The Board planned our next steps for using Oregon DOE background checks.
Action Item (All Board mbrs): Fill out background check forms and return them to ACC for Char to collect; Char submit.

7. FFF Grant for Staff Development and QRIS Plan
This month we were awarded a $10,000 grant from the Ford Family Foundation for staff and parent training, and to develop a plan for how we will get started in the Oregon Dept. of Education Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). The board discussed several topics related to the grant.
Training for staff – Char will respond to the board by 3/8 with a wish list of training areas she is most desirous of.
Some board members had questions about the relationship between licensing and participation in QRIS. Char explained that licensing as a child care facility is level 1 in QRIS.
Action Item (Joyce): Contact PCPO to ask how other co-op preschools handle training and registry participation for parent aides.
Action Item (Char): Work the contacts she has from the orientation she attended a year or so ago to try to find someone who could come do an orientation session for our Board. Nail down gaps to getting licensed as a child care facility.
Action Item (Dorothy): Determine whether we have a Certificate of Occupancy for the building within our paperwork from when we bought the building.
Action Item (Roger): Check with Benton County about process for getting a Cert. Of Occupancy issued for an existing building.
Action Item (Rachelle and Char): Sketch out a proposal for how much time they estimate it may take us to get started on our gaps toward licensing requirements.

8. Funding TAP Scholarships
Board reviewed the state of our outstanding commitments for the second half of the year to TAP recipients and applicants. Five families still need tuition assistance
Prospects of funding our commitments. Roger SBAG
We have received a private donation of $500 from a community member toward our Tuition Assistance Program. There is a small possibility that there may be funds available to be granted through the South Benton Advisory Group (SBAG) that is helping United Way administer a legacy. Roger will continue representing ACC to SBAG.
Roger moved that ACC continue funding TAP for the second half of the year out of ACC general funds for the five families currently receiving TAP. Dena seconded. Approved.

9. Recycling Center abuse
Joyce reported that configuration of video recorder to the ACC network is still outstanding.
Work to install a concrete pad for under the bin is still outstanding.
Dena reported that area residents are getting additional curbside collection bins for recycling from Republic Services.
Action Item (Dorothy): Contact Republic for info on how this change is expected to affect our recycling center.

10. 2012/2014 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation
No news on the preschool sign, even though the order has been out to the sign printer for a month.

11. Volunteer recognition
Board discussed other ways to recognize our volunteers than a dinner. One idea: jackets with the ACC Resale Shop logo.

12. So. Benton Community Advisory Group (SBAG) for M. Hull bequest
Roger will pursue the possibility for a $1000 grant to support TAP.

13. New Business
Rachelle got message from a Resale Shop volunteer recently. A substance-impaired homeless man came to the shop asking insistently for assistance. In the ensuing interactions with the Sheriff, the deputies recommended that we install a phone line for the shop. Dena moved that we install a land line with basic service there, for the safety of our volunteers. Roger seconded. Approved.
Action item (Rachelle): Arrange phone installation with Monroe Telephone.

14. Proposed agenda for March
Licensing/QRIS/staff registry
Background checks
Volunteer appreciation

15. Schedule
ACC Board 3/8, Plan for July LDS work day, 4/12/17

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