2015-10-14 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wed., October 14th, 2015 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Dena Elliott, Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Rachelle Payne, Roger Irvin, Charlene Opheim, John Scott, Cindy Bond

  1. Cindy Bond of Old Mill Center Relief Nursery

Cindy introduced Old Mill Center and its services. They have some funding to do outreach to underserved areas, and South Benton/Monroe is one of the areas they are targeting. They are interested in using our facility to offer services, but first we will need to have the facility licensed as a child care facility. Cindy believes we are close. Cindy and Charlene are already coordinating on ways we can help each other.

  1. Resale Shop

We have booked another volunteer recently and are closer to having our standard hours covered now. Rachelle has also booked a short-term volunteer, a woman who needed to fulfill her community service sentence, to do some cleaning at the shop. This is done under the supervision of one of our regular volunteers and is a good opportunity for both parties. Charlene has another potential volunteer, who she will connect to Rachelle.

  1. Prep for Christmas Tree Lot

Rachelle is creating a flyer for both recruiting volunteers and publicizing the lot. Charlene says that SignUpGenius.com is a good online tool for coordinating volunteer scheduling.

Dorothy will paint a new sign.

Dorothy will provide a cash box or bank bag for holding sales proceeds.

  1. Recycling Center abuse

The board received a letter from Warren Halsey encouraging signage and other measures to reduce abuse of the recycling center. Roger will draft a response from the board to Warren, thanking him for his concern and input.

Dorothy has contacted the Sheriff, and got the statute citation to put on signage. The Sheriff’s office will cite offenders if we have video of the misuse. David Schlim, the man who installed our camera system, says there is advantage to printing our own signs instead of buying signs.

Republic Services proposes to replace the individual bins with a single large dumpster-shaped bin, similar to the one they have at the Monroe Transfer Station.

Dorothy hired an electrician to run the line for the security camera, lights, and recorder. The camera installer will be out in the next week.

  1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting

Dena moved we approve the September minutes, Roger seconded, approved.

  1. Review board email votes since last meeting

Approval of minutes of the August board meeting moved by John via email, seconded by Dena, and approved by email 10/1/2015.

  1. Prioritize Agenda
  1. Financial Report

The board accepted the financial reports for July, August and September.

  1. Preschool Report

An area neighbor confronted Charlene and the preschool students while they were at Alpine Park recently. Charlene and the board discussed how to respond to possible future contact with this person.

A retired firefighter recently reminded us that the area in front of the circuit breaker box in the office needs to be cleared for at least 36”.

Charlene needs more storage room or shelving for materials. The board approves building shelves in the cry room, once we can move the ping pong table & photo wall to the planned exterior storage shed or other location.

The littles group had one child who needed to be referred this month to the Old Mill Center for behavioral/emotional issues.

  1. Coordination with School District

Roger and Joyce have met with Superintendent Pickett about the district’s relationship to the bus company. We have also confirmed that First Student does not have resources to do busing for us, but they do use car seats for preschoolers.

Roger has met with Jerry Crowson of Crowson Bus Co. Crowson is willing to do the route, given an OK from the district. Roger has conveyed a letter from Crowson to Superintendent Pickett. Roger expects soon to get a quote from Crowson for a cost to provide the route we’re requesting. Joyce expects to make grant applications to cover the cost once we have a quote.

  1. Preschool Tuition Assistance Program Status & Guidelines

The board discussed guidelines for granting assistance if applications exceed funding.

Eligibility for assistance will follow the school district/federal thresholds for free or reduced lunch. Assistance amounts will be proportional to available funding. The board will seek grant funding in response to commitments.

  1. Building Task Force

Dorothy and Roger met with the designer from Radiance by Design. We reviewed her recommendations to add (a) light fixtures on the fans, (b) track lights on the rafters, and (c) sconces in the corners of the room.

Dorothy met with Oregon Energy Green for the energy audit, and distributed copies of the audit report to the board. Oregon Energy Green provided a list of enrolled lighting contractors & electricians who can do work and submit paperwork for the incentives program(s). Dorothy will contact one of these contractors to get a quote.

  1. Procedures for publishing through the email list


  1. 2012 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation

Roger reported on comparisons between the kiosk plans obtained by Joyce and the as-built implementation of the kiosks at Finley Wildlife Refuge.

  1. So. Benton Community Advisory Group (SBAG) for M. Hull bequest

Roger reported that the SBAG process is continuing toward programs that could be administered by United Way.

  1. Prep for Alpine Holiday Festival

Dorothy reported that most vendor booths have already been reserved, and that preparations are on track. No distinct needs are known at this time for board members to fill, though pie donations were an under-funded area last year.

  1. New Business

Brenda and Tom Goracke and their son, Mark, have repaired the swinging door to the main hall by crafting a steel support for the lower corner of the door that was damaged. The board is grateful.

  1. Proposed agenda for November

Bus transportation for preschool
Recycling center management
Holiday Festival preparations
Christmas tree lot volunteer recruitment
Partnership for a Strong Community Christmas gift adoption
Main hall lighting
Information kiosk implementation
Facility licensing as a child care facility

  1. Schedule

ACC Board 11/11, Alpine Holiday Festival 11/14, Christmas tree lot setup 11/21, tree lot opens 11/27

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