2014-11-12 Agenda

Alpine CC Board Agenda

6:00 pm Wed., November 12th, 2014 at ACC
(Total scheduled minutes: 92)

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting (5 min)

2. Review board email votes since last meeting (1 min)

3. Prioritize Agenda (3 min)

4. Benefits of Tri-County Chamber of Commerce membership (8 min)

Presentation (Liz Doyle)

5. SRF grant for early literacy (10 min)

Report (Joyce & Paul). Assign action items toward the grant-funded programs (bi-lingual assistant, bus transport, training, etc.). Review funding arrangements.

6. Financial Report (5 min)

Financial reports for October.

7. Preschool Report (5 min)


8. Building Task Force (6 min)

Doorway between the classrooms.

Phase 2 Main Hall lighting improvements

9. Holiday Festival 2014 Lessons Learned (5 min)

Report (Dorothy)

10. 2012 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation (7 min)

Report (Dorothy & Evelyn) Informational kiosk design priorities

Community Cleanup Day

11. Christmas Tree Lot staffing schedule (3 min)

Email Rachelle to sign up for shifts: 10-1:30 or 1:30-5? Setup, 11/28-30, 12/6-7, 12/13-14, 12/20-21(?), closeout-cleanup
Change fund/cash box

12. Quilt Raffle (8 min)

Logistics: ticket design, printing, distribution, price, quantity. Will Umpqua Bank sell tickets for us?

13. Year-End Fundraising Letter (5 min)

14. Partners for a Strong Community Christmas Gift campaign (3 min)

Publicity via email list. Signage/branding concerns from last year. Any other responsibilities to our partnership?

15. Review Process for Revised Model from Architect (8 min)

Discussion (John) How shall we promote thoughtful review and compile feedback?

16. Outreach Committee Report (3 min)

17. New Business (5 min)

18. Proposed agenda for December (1 min)

Archtectural model next step

Quilt Raffle

Partners for a Strong Community christmas gifts program

Christmas Tree lot


19. Schedule (1 min)

Outreach Task Force 11/20, ACC board 12/10

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