2023-08-08 ACC BOD Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 at ACC
Present: Joyce Long, Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Roger Irvin, John Scott
Absent: Rachelle Payne, Melissa Meyers
1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting
Tabled until next month. There are outstanding questions.
2. Review board email votes since last meeting
We discussed motion advanced by email to change Rachelle’s title to Program Director and wage to
$22/hour, effective September 1 st 2023. It was moved by John and seconded by Melissa. We amended
the motion to adjust the start date to the pay period beginning on August 1st. Approved.
3. Prioritize Agenda
4. Financial Report
Dorothy has completed the transition to QuickBooks Online. She has produced reports for May, June,
and July, but isn’t 100% confident that all the correspondences are solid, so she asked that we don’t
accept them yet, to give her a little more time to review things.
We looked over the reports for June and July, and found nothing greatly surprising.
5. Resale Shop Updates
Dorothy reported that there is no news from the shop. All is going well.
The shop participation in the recent Monroe Festival and the Christmas in July events went well.
6. Preschool Updates
Rachelle sent Joyce a report, but a permissions issue kept her from opening it during the meeting.
Rachel's report is:
The Summer Program went well. Ended last Thursday. 
Registration is Thursday 4-6PM. School starts Weds. Sept 6th. I am expecting 10 in the 4/5s and 6 in
3/4s. Hopefully there will be a few extras on Registration day to fill the spots. I have much more hope
at this time for our volunteer situation this year. After Registration we will have a clearer picture of
I appreciate the Knudsen funds that I was able to use for the Summer Program. Great improvements
were made for the kids and their “playability” outdoors. I would like to ask for up to an additional $500
from the Knudsen fund to make improvements to specific preschool equipment, as well as purchasing
additional outdoor toys/equipment for the preschool.
Much improvements with the wasps. We may need to respray closer to the beginning of September;
they seem to come back quickly when no one is on the playground regularly.
I will be diving into the experience of “reporting” all our activities to PCPO. At this time, I will be
filling the paperwork out to the best of my ability. We will see what their suggestions are regarding
dates and such (as we typically only have hard info on trips and events 2-3 weeks out, and PCPO wants

our report to them 6-8 weeks before, etc.). I’m unclear why we need insurance for field trips if
everyone self transports. If we meet to have a picnic at Bellfountain park why do I have to report it?
I’m very frustrated with PCPO right now! Lol. 
Any helpful advice is welcome. Dorothy, do you know why ACC insurance doesn’t cover the
The things on the table to the left are the things I want from the office, besides the cabinet and shelves
on top of it. The cleaning things on the left side of the table were the things Maliah wanted for
cleaning. The rest can be tossed if they’re not wanted.

7. Building Updates
John has tried to observe the wasp nest in the porch roof. The nest is up inside the roof, and the wasps
go to it through an indirect, offset gap between boards. He sprayed some insecticide around the spot
where the wasps enter and exit. It wasn't sufficient to end the nest.
John reports that he has continued to see no action on the mouse trap baits, supporting the interpretation
that the mice have left the building since spring.
8. Sign construction
John & Roger showed the rails, 8 inch tall letter set, and solar light they have purchased for the sign.
We discussed alternatives for getting the ACC logo onto the sign. We have not been able to find anyone
willing to paint our logo onto the sign. Dorothy will query a possibility she knows. We need to better
understand how our logo fits into the 94 inch by 16 inch space, and how the logotype will appear sized
relative to the 8 inch by 5 inch letters of the changeable message area.

9. Organizing and Storage
Dorothy, Jeanne, and Rachelle have been talking and moving forward.

10. Alpine Holiday Festival
Melissa sent a report by email:
The Festival is on! Mike, Kerry, Thorin and I met on 7/30/23 and decided that we have
enough volunteers to move forward. After taking into account our group's thoughts of the event and the
suggestions of the vendors we have adjusted the event to make the running of it simpler and the
customer/vendor experience more inviting. We have over 100 vendors who have requested to join the
festival with 40 spaces available. Mike will be sending out an email with cut-off dates. He will
continue to vet the potential vendors to make sure we are staying with high quality and not duplicating.
Some changes:
 Food vendors will be allowed
 More paying vendors in the Kitchen- food vendors
 Only Pie (and Johns cake) will be sold by ACC
 Food Trucks

 No live music- Canned Holiday music. Many vendors reported that the live music makes it
hard to converse with the customers.
 No Fashion Show- As fun as it is we do not feel it adds to the shopping environment. We
do have other ideas in the works on promoting the Resale Shop.
 Raffle is still on- Great Success! Kerry has ideas for improvement. 
 Thorin is working on finding a professional printing sponsor to help cut printing cost.
 Addition of a "bingo" card to help encourage purchases. Still in the works but the award
will be raffle tickets.
We do have one question:
Insurance for the Holiday Festival? Is it the Community Center, School, Vendors responsibility? Is
there special insurance for food vendors? Who covers us/the vendors?

11. New Business
12. Schedule
First day of preschool 9/6/23, Board meeting 9/13/23

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