2016-10-12 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wed., October 12th, 2016 at ACC

Present: Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Roger Irvin, Rachelle Payne, John Scott, Charlene Opheim
Absent: Joyce Long, Dena Elliott

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting


2. Review board email votes since last meeting


3. Prioritize Agenda

4. Financial Report

The board reviewed the financial reports for July, August, and September. Accepted.

5. Recruiting a new bookkeeper

Char has spoken with one potential volunteer about helping, but she is not ready to jump into the bookkeeper role at this time. Dorothy suggested that she could start by auditing/reviewing Dorothy’s work for the next few months.

6. Preschool Report

Charlene needs to update ACC web site page for preschool. Dorothy will get together with Char on 10/25 to work on this.

Last month after the potluck there were a lot of crumbs left in the main hall. We need to make arrangements to vacuum after the potluck.

Char reported that Claudia has been exceeding Char’s expectations in duties, contributions, and initiative. Dorothy moved we change Claudia’s wage from $10/hr to $12/hr; Roger seconded, Approved.

We have received another application for tuition assistance, and had a family who had applied move out of the area. The board approved the application.

7. Funding Bi-Literacy Program and Scholarships

Our grant application to Ford Family Foundation has been submitted, and we expect a site visit and response within the next month.

8. Close-up responsibilities sign

Dorothy circulated draft text by email 8/11 for a sign to list the responsibilities all center users should address when closing up. There were a couple minor tweaks suggested by other board members. Dorothy will move forward to print, laminate, and post the sign.

9. Resale shop

Rachelle reported that we have some new volunteers from the email and the newspaper article. Weekdays are covered now, and most Saturdays, with a couple backups. Rachelle will line up volunteers for a special shift schedule for the day of the Holiday Festival.

10. Letter to Churches soliciting support for Tuition Assistance Program

The letter is drafted. Roger will print individual letters, get them to Joyce to sign, and send them out.

11. Recycling Center abuse

Configuration of video recorder to network. No report.

Cement pad for under the bin. No report.

12. Right to Tow Sign

Board encouraged Rachelle to approach the local tow companies about their willingness to partner in posting a warning at our parking area about our right to have towed any vehicles that are parked overly long.

13. 2012/2014 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation

Char showed two candidate designs for a preschool sign. The board preferred one. Dorothy will send Char a contact for a sign shop who we’ve worked with before to get the design printed.

Dorothy will reach out to Republic for recycling content to post in the kiosk.

14. Partnership for a Strong Community winter coat drive

Dorothy is waiting to hear from Umpqua Bank. When this launches, we will be publicizing it on our email list.

15. Planning & Preparations for Holiday Festival

Dorothy has taken over the merchant solicitations for the raffle baskets from Katy, who is unavailable this year. Dorothy also needs to line up volunteers for staffing the raffle ticket table. Roger and John volunteered for shifts.

16. Planning & Preparations for Christmas Tree Lot

Our partners with the MHS wrestling team are unable at this date to commit to doing the christmas tree lot fundraiser with us this year. Tabled until November.

17. Review Draft of Year-End Appeal Letter

John solicited from the board ideas of what to spotlight in our year-end appeal letter. Ideas included: Seven scholarships needed. Preschool serves 25 families. Upgraded lighting installed in the main hall. Installed fire alarms. New bilingual aide.

18. Yoga classes

No solid leads on any instructors who might want to offer a yoga class in the place of those have stopped.

19. Duties for a possible office assistant


20. So. Benton Community Advisory Group (SBAG) for M. Hull bequest

Roger reported that there will be a meeting later this month.

21. New Business

Char suggested that there are times when it would be helpful to have generic ACC business cards to hand out to visitors or contacts who need a quick reference to our email and web contact points. The board liked the idea, and Dorothy volunteered to circulate a design by email and implement the idea.

Char reported that there has been an offer to paint the main hall. The board would welcome such volunteerism.

22. Proposed agenda for November

Final prep for Holiday Festival
Christmas tree lot go/no-go decision

23. Schedule

ACC Board 11/9, holiday festival 11/12, Plan for July LDS work day, 4/12/17

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