2016-02-10 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wed., February 10th, 2016 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Dena Elliott, Roger Irvin, John Scott, Charlene Opheim
Absent: Rachelle Payne

  1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting


  1. Review board email votes since last meeting

On 1/19/16 Dorothy moved that we approve $29.95 expense to purchase a phone with answering machine for the Center.  Approved.

  1. Prioritize Agenda
  1. Financial Report

Board reviewed and accepted the financial reports for January.

  1. Preschool Report

There has been an outbreak of hand-foot-mouth disease in the preschool (and larger) community this month.  Char has done a major disinfection of the preschool materials since.

Parent meeting was a focus group from the Early Learning Hub.  About 18 parents participated.  Take-aways: there is a tremendous need for our preschool in the community, especially among families that struggle with the tuition; the Latino parents feel isolated.

Char and some of the parents group are installing more shelves in the cloud room.

  1. Student Busing and Coordination with Bellfountain Comm. Church

Joyce has talked to Luke Krieger about our bid to use the Bellfountain Community Church van for busing our students.  He thinks we can probably use the van.  He needs to do some checking on the adder to the insurance costs related to the additional use before they can commit to it.  Dorothy and Joyce will pursue him on this.

Preschool transportation program guidelines – tabled.

  1. Funding Bi-Literacy Program and Scholarships

Joyce is continuing to compile ideas and materials for a grant application to FFF.  She is including operating items (such as tuition assistance, bilingual aide, and transport), materials and training, and capital building expansion/remodeling items for the East side of the building.  All these items would support moving us toward QRIS certification, which in turn would support grant-worthiness for many granting programs.  John reminded the board that in the fall we made commitments (for Shirley’s salary and tuition assistance grants) for the first half of the year that would consume the funding we had for those programs, and with an intent to revisit our commitments in January. We are continuing to fund those commitments from general funds so far.

  1. Recycling Center abuse

Joyce has installed a WiFi repeater in the west side of the Main hall, but it still isn’t reaching the video machine. Joyce has plans for another.

New signs are posted to describe eligible recyclables and warn people about our surveillance system and the potential for prosecution for dumping trash.

The Recycling Center Task Force met on 1/31. Four new people attended.  Representatives from the group have volunteered to network with the county solid waste advisory committee and county sustainability committee. One person has volunteered to lay a concrete slab to better support the dumpster.  Dorothy is trying to steer energy and focus toward work on the kiosk.

  1. 2012 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation

Roger and John toured Finley Nat’l. Wildlife Refuge this month to inspect the kiosk designs represented there.  They are ready to move forward on purchasing materials and scheduling construction for our informational kiosk that was funded by this grant.  Discussion has arisen about whether it would be more effective to put it parallel to Bellfountain Rd near the NW corner of the recycling ctr fence than perpendicular to Bellfountain Rd near the NE corner of the fence.

  1. Procedures for publishing through the electronic media

The Board discussed the draft procedure. Dorothy moved that adopt this procedure, Dena seconded. Adopted.

  1. Building Task Force

Phase 2 Main Hall lighting improvements.  Tabled.

  1. So. Benton Community Advisory Group (SBAG) for M. Hull bequest

Roger had no news.

  1. New Business

Kay King (a neighbor) filled potholes on Webster Ave.  The board thanks her.

  1. Proposed agenda for March

Grant application(s) for funding bi-literacy program and scholarships

Bus transport for preschool students

Recycling Center Kiosk construction

  1. Schedule

ACC Board 3/9

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