2016-08-10 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wed., August 10th, 2016 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Dena Elliott, Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Rachelle Payne, Charlene Opheim, John Scott
Absent: Roger Irvin

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting

2. Review board email votes since last meeting

3. Prioritize Agenda

4. Financial Report
Board reviewed the revised June 2016 P&L. (There were no changes to the June Balance Sheet).  Accepted the June reports.  The reports for July are not yet ready.

5. Preschool Report
Charlene reported on preparations for the start of the new school year. Char & Brenda Goracke moved the cubbies into the hallway. Char will be painting the hallway & cubbies on 8/11.  Char has planned an open house for Thursday 8/25 6-7pm (but there is only one seat open at this time, so we are not promoting it). (Target enrollment is 12 littles, 14 bigs.) Char is expecting 7 tuition assistance applications.
The Kindersports program had up to 18 kids attend.  (Read on Wheels had over 200 kids participate, and Art in the Park had unusually large attendance.)  Kindersports went well. Some parents asked for Kindersports to run the same hours as Art in the Park, but we do not want to reinforce the parents in regarding Kindersports as a babysitting program.
Claudia Juarez-Ramirez has accepted our offer of employment as the preschool parent liaison.
The board again discussed possible ways to enforce the co-op parental attendance aspect of the fee schedule.  Char will again have the parents sign a contract for their co-op participation, and Rachelle will represent the board in enforcing it.

6. Funding Bi-Literacy Program, Transportation and Scholarships
Dorothy will be reconnecting in the next week with the consultant from Nonprofit Association of Oregon for feedback on the grant application to FFF.

7. Fire marshal inspection action items
Dorothy has mounted the photoluminescent Exit signs. SAC worked two days last week doing the installation of the monitored fire alarm system. The low voltage wiring has been completed. There are some aspects not yet completed, including 120 VAC to the alarm system. On 8/11 JC Electric will be coming to work on the lighting, and Dorothy will have them do the electric work.
Char has made progress on clearing shelves within 2 ft of ceiling, but there are still a number of non-preschool items that need to be moved.  Dorothy moved we buy a wheeled 24”x48”x92” storage rack from Costco, not to exceed $175, Dena seconded, Approved.

8. Close-up responsibilities sign

9. Recycling Center abuse
John reported that he hasn’t yet pulled the cabling for wireless repeater. Joyce and John coordinated.  
The Board brainstormed wording for the “don’t leave stuff” sign.  
Dorothy will work on coordinating with Brian Ellsworth to take him up on his offer to pour a concrete slab for where the bin sits.

10. 2012/2014 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation
Roger has mounted the bulletin board cabinet in the Recycling center kiosk.  
Preschool sign. Tabled.

11. Lessons learned from Camp Alpine campers’ service day
Rachelle led the Board in a discussion.  The campers came in two shifts of about 40 volunteers each. We didn’t have enough work for that many people to do. The organizer for that group would like to work with us again next summer, but we will need more to do.

12. Building Task Force
JC Electric will be working 8/11-12 on the Phase 2 Main Hall lighting improvements, to mount and wire the fixtures for the track lights.

13. Partnership for a Strong Community school supplies drive
School supply drive announcement needs to go out on email list. Dorothy will drive that. Dorothy and Dena are coordinating with the staff at Umpqua Bank.

14. Planning & Preparations for Holiday Festival
Dorothy has begun to receive applications for vendor booths for the 11/12/16 festival.  All other planning is on track.

15. Planning & Preparations for Christmas Tree Lot
Rachelle is working on fumigating the tree lot booth trailer to reduce insect problems.  The location for the lot may be an issue, because the lot at what used to be Wilbur-Ellis is still in transition. We discussed possible alternative sites.

16. So. Benton Community Advisory Group (SBAG) for M. Hull bequest
No news.

17. New Business
Joyce presented a request from Linn Benton Health Equity Alliance to publicize a swimming pool event for public health on 8/14/16.  The board reviewed the flyer and approved it to be published to the email list without delay.

Rachelle suggested that it may be time for ACC to assess the potential need for a clerical assistant for the preschool and center.  The board agreed that it would be reasonable to start assessing the need.

Background checks for resale shop & preschool volunteers. 
Rachelle talked with a rep from the school district, and learned that they use a background check company in Aloha OR. They have two tiers of standard checks and a couple pricing models for $5-$9/person.  Joyce will call them to continue our due diligence into their safeguards for handling personal information and more specifics about what report we get back for this.

18. Proposed agenda for September
Duties for an office assistant
Holiday festival & tree lot
Yoga classes

19. Schedule
Preschool starts 9/7, ACC Board 9/14, Plan for July LDS work day, 4/12/17

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