2016-05-26 Minutes

ACC Board Special Preschool Management Meeting Minutes
6:00 PM, May 26, 2016 at ACC

Present: Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Charlene Opheim, Dena Elliott, Roger Irvin, John Scott
Absent: Joyce Long, Rachelle Payne

Char met on 5/13/16 at ACC with representatives from The Old Mill School and The Early Learning Hub. Char reviewed for the Board the highlights of the numerous criteria that The Early Learning Hub is using to guide their distribution of funds. The criteria have to do with both licensing the conditions of the facility and certifying the qualifications and practices of the provider. Licensing involves high thresholds for per-student floor space and other infrastructure. Certification comes with significant requirements for child-teacher ratios, administrative record-keeping, and reporting.  All these requirements appear to be beyond our means and impractical for our organization.

We discussed the difference between pursuing this potential source of governmental funding versus other potential non-governmental sources of funding.  The non-governmental sources have much lower requirements for funding.

The board consensus is that while we share the goals of The Hub for supporting families and preparing children for kindergarten, our heritage, facility, current staff, and modus operandi are a poor fit for enrolling in their program. We will withdraw from their resource development efforts.

Char has identified a good candidate for our bilingual liaison staffer for the coming year.  The Board concurred with Char’s selection and authorized her to tell the candidate that a job offer is in process. The budget task force will evaluate and provide a recommendation to the board. They agreed to meet at Dorothy’s house on June 2 at 6pm.

Dorothy also reported on her follow-up conversations with SAC about installation and maintenance of fire alarms. SAC confirmed that two phone lines are required by the Fire Code. Fire Code also requires annual inspections.  SAC pointed out that their monthly rate structure gives a pricing advantage over paying for these inspections ala carte.

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