2024-03-13 Board Minutes

Alpine CC Board Agenda
6:00 pm Wednesday, March 13th, 2024 at ACC
(Total scheduled minutes: 60 mins)

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meetings (5 min)


2. Review board email votes since last meeting (1 min) NA

3. Prioritize Agenda (2 min)

4. Review and Accept Financial Reports forJanuary & February (10 min)


5. Resale Shop Updates (5 min)

Progress Report (Dorothy)

Dorothy reports all is well at the Resale Shop

6. Preschool Updates (15 min)

Report (Rachelle, Joyce & Melissa)

Melissa acknowledged Rachelle’s contribution and taking ownership of the Preschool. We appreciate all of the time and energy she puts in on a daily basis.

Rachelle expressed her thoughts on Preschool property needing to be off limits to renters and community events. Unfortunately, items have been broken.

A kids corner was discussed as well as a community box of toys for renters to use.

7. Building Updates (5 min)

Discussion (All)
Siding on the back wall is #1
The board measured the distance to move the propane tank- about X feet ?

Concrete patio with a walkway off of the kitchen door.

Measured the space for the storage unit 10×20. Melissa suggested it go into the corner closet to the building.

Fencing backyard

Rachelle suggested having an inspection to see if there is anything structural that needs attention in the building. Rachelle will get someone to do it for $800 or less. Any more will need to be voted on by the board.

She also would like to explore different ideas of ground coverings for the backyard. It is unusable for most of the year because of the wetness.

Melissa suggested we look into Rubber Turf.

Rachelle suggested we hire some spring cleaning and yard maintenance. Malia can do most except the glass hanging lamps. Rachelle will find someone.

Keith will re-key the 3 doors in the hallway so they all have the same key and can be locked for events.

8. Details of Rentals (5 min)
cleaning, things being broken, animals in building, deposits, etc.

The board agreed that there should be no firearms allowed on the property due to the presence of a preschool. Dorothy will order signs to hang on the building.

Melissa will update the Rental Agreement. (Rachelle)

9. End of Year Letter (5 min)

Remove from the Agenda

10. New Business (5 min)

Community toys/Kids corner

11. Proposed agenda for April(1 min)

12. Schedule (1 min)
ACC Board Meeting 4/10/24

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