2023-02-06 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Monday, February 6th, 2023 at ACC
(Total scheduled minutes: 70 min)
Present: John Scott, Roger Irvin, Melissa Meyer, Rachelle Payne, Joyce Long
Apologies: Dorothy Brinckerhoff (called in)

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting (5 min)
2. Review board email votes since last meeting (1 min)
3. Prioritize Agenda (2 min)
Rachelle will report first due to needing to leave at 7pm. Dorothy will call in.
4. Review and Accept Financial Reports January (5 min)
Reviewed and Accepted.
5. Resale Shop Updates (5 min)
Progress Report (Dorothy): State of sublet agreement on 5th street side of the 540 Main St. building for the Resale Shop.
Dorothy reports that Andi Hooper has informed her that the Rent and utilities will increase. We will adjust the Rental Agreement and have both parties sign when Andi comes to the meeting in March.
The Rental Agreement needs to renew automatically at the same terms unless either party informs the other 60 days in advance to discuss and re-negotiate.
7. Preschool Updates (15 min)
Report (Rachelle, Joyce & Melissa)
Recruitment of students/ Enrollment
Rachelle reports that
Parents are already interviewing for next school year.
The Scamper is being planned
End of the year BBQ will happen again and she will reserve Bellfountain Park $150, with $100 as a incidental deposit, to be returned after the event.
Rachelle has requested $300 for outdoor play equipment to be used for the Summer Program. The Board approved
Rachelle and Melissa have been looking into PCPO insurance with the requirements of the co-op.
Rachelle has updated the Tuition Assistance to clarify the requirements.
8. Hot Water Heater Reconstruction (5 min)
Discussion (All)
Rachelle reports that the reconstruction is finished but there are issues.
1. Not a hole, screw, tack mark was puttied- anywhere. Holes were left and painted over.
2. The cabinets, flooring, etc is dirty/dusty. We are not sure if ServPro will return to clean.
3. There were at least 4 boxes of flooring left that were taken by, we think, the construction company McGuinesses. We have requested it be returned.
4. Someone needs to install the new window blinds
9. Sign construction (5 min)
Discussion (Roger & John)
No new updates. Grant deadline says the work has to be finished by End of Year.
10. Alpine Water Company (5 min)
(John, Rachelle)
The rate was raised from $54 to $66 as of April 1, 2023 Bill. John reports that the meeting was well attended by community members.

11. Year End Letter (5 min)
Discussion (All)
Action item to be removed.

12. Celebrate Alpine summer event (5 min)
Discussion (All)
The Monroe Festival announced their date would be moved to June 24 which is the weekend after our planned date of June 24th. We don’t think having the event in the same month would be a good idea- too much confusion. It was suggested we move to May- possibly move in doors if needed.
13. Recycling Events (5 min)
14. New Business (5 min)
On Weds 02/01/2023 Rachelle informed the Board that the back bathroom Hot Water Heater was leaking. Melissa dropped by and called the contact number on the heater. It was covered for 5 years. After some discussion the Board determined that the heater was over 5 years old so a new one needed to be bought. The new heater was ordered and installed by Board Members.

14. Proposed agenda for March (1 min)
Resale shop lease agreement/updates
Sign Construction
Preschool General Updates
Hot water Heater Reconstruction
Celebrate Alpine summer event
Recycling Events
15. Schedule (1 min)
ACC Board Meeting 03/08/23

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