2022-04-13 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes

6:00 pm Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Rachelle Payne, Melissa Meyer, John Scott, Roger Irvin, Dorothy Brinckerhoff


  1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting (5 min)


  1. Review board email votes since last meeting (1 min)


  1. Prioritize Agenda (2 min)
  1. Review and Accept Financial Reports (5 min)

Dorothy presented the financial reports for March. Accepted

  1. Reopening of the Resale Shop (5 min)

Andi spoke to Dorothy in January about drafting an agreement, but has not yet produceda draft. Melissa took an action item last month to draft a lease agreement, but has not yet produced a draft.

We now have internet at the resale shop.

Board discussed ways to recognize Kerry to acknowledge the value of the energy she has been contributing to the shop. We drafted and signed a thank you card, and approved the purchase of a gift card ($50 for Benny’s) for Kerry as well as one for other volunteers to share ($50 for the coffee shop Silos).


  1. Preschool Status (15 min)

-Rachelle reported one new student for the 4 year old class.

-Rachelle reported difficulty finding an affordable company to build the backyard fence. Melissa will send her names of companies to request quotes. Rachelle reported that she has had one potential contractor submit a bid of $17,000 for strengthening the playground fence and building a simple fence for the back yard. Other contractors she approached aren’t returning her calls. Rachelle current posture is to not try to do fence work this summer, but merely have Keith Payne till up the backyard, flatten it, and reseed it this summer. That would be the minimal work to restore the back yard to functionality.

Rachelle, Joyce, and Melissa surveyed fees at peer preschools and met. Rachelle presented to the board a draft schedule of fees for next year their subcommittee recommends, along with updated procedures to solidify the expectations for parents during registration. The proposed tuition is significantly higher than now, but still lower than our peer programs in the area. Board adopted the fee & tuition schedule.

-Melissa will update the tri-fold and website.

-There will be an Open House on May 18, July 27 5-7pm

-Registration is scheduled for Aug 17 6-8.

Melissa will get a banner printed about enrollment openings, including the planned dates for this summer’s open houses.

-Rachelle requested $300 for an end of year BBQ for the Preschool Families. The Board Approved.

-Rachelle reported that the Playground is being vandalized. She recommended a wireless camera be purchased. The Board approved. 

-Rachelle is putting together a Summer Program for children 3-5. She will coordinate with Art in the Park/School Summer Meals to make it easy on parents.

-Rachelle requested that she have a Debit Card linked to the bank account to make approved purchase easier. It was noted that any purchase over $50 (besides printer ink) would be brought to the Board before purchase. Dorothy will write and take a letter to the bank to get the process started. 

-Dorothy will set up an Amazon account just for ACC. All future Amazon purchases will go through this new account.


  1. Background Checks for Co-Op Parent Volunteers (5 min)

Joyce has not forwarded the batch. We will retire this issue for this school year.


  1. Commitment to Parent Co-Op Structure for Preschool (15 min)

Rachelle reports that the Co-Oping Structure will be discussed more thoroughly at the Registration. New policies will be put into place to assure parents that choose to Co-Op understand the requirements and consequences of not following those requirements. 


  1. Move from MadMimi to MailChimp (5 min)

Melissa reports that she will set up the MailChimp and get the sign up info to Dorothy. Dorothy will begin moving the emails to the new account. We reviewed our motivation for discussing this change: many people have not getting the messages, or not getting them reliably.


  1. Updating our COVID related building use policy (10 min)

We reviewed our 10/14/21 policy. We recognize that a couple parts related to cleaning and contact tracing are no longer considered necessary. Dorothy moved we rescind the 10/14/21 policy, Melissa(?) seconded. Approved.


  1. Election of Officers for 2022-2023 (10 min)

John reported the nominations for Officers are as follows:

Joyce Long for President

Dorothy Brinckerhoff for Treasurer

Melissa Meyer for Secretary

The Board approved. 


Melissa requested that the Bi-Laws were reviewed to make sure everyone had the most updated copy.  


  1. Plan for sign construction, grant proposal (5 min)

Roger is still looking for metal letters. 3/16 thick higher quality letters and rails. He is researching Solar assembly for electricity.  The board discussed ideas on using local artists to create the letters.


  1. New Business (5 min)

Dorothy reported that some of the Webster Avenue neighbors are talking about taking up a collection for gravel for the potholes down Webster Avenue east of Bellfountain Rd. The last time we got a bid for grading Webster, the cost was prohibitive. Rachelle will check with the parent who offered rock a few months ago, to confirm his access to gravel.

Dorothy reports the Alpine Holiday Festival Committee needs to meet soon to discuss the event. 


  1. Proposed agenda for May (1 min)

Resale shop lease agreement

Summer program

Webster Avenue potholes

Annual Cycle Calendar

Budgeting and Fiscal Year Boundary 


  1. Schedule (1 min)

Monroe 1J Kindergarten round up 4/20, Monroe Festival 4/30, ACC Board 5/11, Preschool Open House May 18, July 27, Preschool Registration Aug 17


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