2021-09-08 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Melissa Meyer, Rachelle Payne, John Scott
Absent: Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Roger Irvin

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting


2. Review board email votes since last meeting


3. Prioritize Agenda

4. Review and Accept Financial Reports

Financial reports for August. Accepted.

5. First Days of Preschool

Sept. 8th was the first day of classes. Joyce showed pictures she took of the students, most wearing masks comfortably most of the time. Enrollment is down from the continuously varying forecasts. The enrollment as of this first day of classes: 7-4yrolds, 6-3yrolds. Joyce and Melissa are working up a trifold brochure and intend to do some promotions to recruit additional students. They are promoting that we are requiring staff and adult volunteers to be vaccinated for COVID.

Keith Payne has moved the wire fence fabric back across the side of the back yard, and has made some repairs to the playground fence.

We discussed Rachelle and Melissa’s idea that it is time to replace and improve the wire mesh fence around the back yard of the Center. Joyce has reviewed the grant application and grant funding communications around the Knudsen Foundation grant to support the Kindersports program. Joyce’s analysis is that it would be within the spirit of the grant to use the remaining funds to finance fence construction or other rehabilitation work to make the back yard area better suited to active outdoor play. We discussed each directors’ assumptions about what design characteristics we should pursue in a replacement fence:height, degree of visual solidity, etc.

Action Item – Melissa (by 9/22) Take pics of play area fencing at other preschools nearby, then share them with the Board.

Action Item – Joyce, Melissa, Rachelle (by 10/13) – Select fence style & height to propose as their preferred style.

We had been scheduled to host a promotional table at the Old Mill School Block Party event that was scheduled for 9/19. That event has been cancelled.

Discussion of our teacher pay cycle schedule was tabled until our treasurer can participate in the discussion.

6. Background Checks for Co-Op Parent Volunteers

Report (Rachelle & Joyce) Confirmation of procedure, forms, charges. Progress toward preparing batch for submission.

During August we received confusing guidance about whether we should do parent volunteer background checks through OR Dept. of Education (ODE) or the Central Background Registry (CBR). CBR has responded to Joyce that we don’t qualify to use their system. We now plan to have the parents checked through ODE. Joyce confirmed with ODE on the correct form versions, and has sent the form to the parents. She has received completed forms back from several parents. Joyce is collecting the batch for submission to ODE. Rachelle will include a reminder about the requirement to return completed forms in her communications about CPR training and student vaccination records, with deadline of submission by 9/30.

7. New Location for the Resale Shop

Dorothy sent this report on the state of work toward re-opening the Resale Shop:
Andi is behind in her efforts to get the space ready. I have put our shop  manager, Kerry Hastings, in direct contact with her and they will be coordinating to get things done. Andi did tell me the building will be painted soon so I hope we can get the banners hung soon after. Let me know if I can help with that.

Action Item (John): Invite Kerry Hastings to attend our October board mtg to coordinate with the Board.

8. Budget for FY 2021-2022

John provided a quick overview of the Draft 0 budget spreadsheet. The difference between the fixed costs for running the preschool and the total tuition income varies depending on enrollment, but is currently forecast to be around $9,000-14,000. With all of our traditional fundraisers currently suspended, except for the year-end appeal letter, this leaves a large gap. If we can do the Scamper again next spring, that would fill a large portion of the gap, but wouldn’t be until the entire year of expenses have been committed. We will need to come up with new ideas for fundraisers.

9. Dating action items.

Joyce notes that it would be helpful to spotlight time commitments in the minutes.

10. New Business


11. Proposed agenda for October

Fence/yard ideas
Resale shop
End of year appeal

11. Schedule

ACC Board 10/13


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