2019-09-11 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wednesday, September 11th, 2019 at ACC

Present: Joyce Long, Roger Irvin, Rachelle Payne, John Scott, Kristen Norris, Jeanne Anne Lindsay
Absent: Dorothy Brinckerhoff

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting

Approved as amended.

2. Review board email votes since last meeting


3. Prioritize Agenda

4. Financial Report

The board reviewed the financial reports for August, and accepted them.

5. Preschool Report

Kristen reported on the first week of school year. The Bigs class is full; we still have 2 openings in the Littles.

We have one application for tuition assistance. The board reviewed the application, and agreed to offer tuition assistance for a 54% reduction, providing the student attends regularly.

Tuition collection for September is solid.

The Board discussed the salary for Kristen and Sarah. John moved we approve a raise for Kristen and a particular wage for Sarah, Roger seconded, approved. (specific amounts omitted for privacy)

During the first week of September, the furnace thermostat wasn’t turning the furnace on. Joyce replaced the batteries in the thermostat and it is working now.

Kristen reports that she has had no symptoms this week similar to last spring’s, which seemed like building environmental problems.

Kristen has collected the background check forms from all but one of the co-opping parents. She has heard rumors of multi-month delays this year with Oregon Dept. of Education (ODE) background checks. Delays or no, we will go ahead to run this year’s checks through ODE.

6. Procedure for preschool parents who don’t pass background check

No progress was made on the draft procedure we discussed last spring.
Action Item (Joyce): edit and circulate by email a candidate policy & procedure.

The 2019-20 preschool parent who was flagged by our ODE background check last year approached Kristen about clarifying the circumstances, with the goal of being cleared to co-op this year. Dorothy ordered a more detailed public records check through a well-recommended online service. (The Board approved payment for this detailed check.) The board reviewed the summarized public record of the charged offenses and the volunteer’s account of the circumstances. The board’s judgement was that the parent history represents no clear risk, and approved the parent to participate in co-op assistance in the preschool.

7. Environmental Health concerns about the Center

The OSHA inspector returned on 9/11/19 to take readings while the building was occupied. His readings showed slightly high CO2 levels in the classroom. He recommended leaving the window cracked (year-around) when the classrooms are in use. He will be writing up and sending a full report.

8. Prep for Holiday Festival (11/9)

Jeanne Anne reported that vendor reservations are full, with more asking (new high water mark). Dorothy is working on donations and volunteer staff assignments for the raffle, John & Roger affirmed their volunteer commitment to staff the raffle ticket sales table. Posters are ready to go up. Rachelle will post them in Harrisburg and Joyce will post them in Philomath. Jeanne has coordinated with Kristen for the Preschool Parents booth. Sherrie Deaton will be organizing the funky fashion show. Beatrice is organizing the music. Rachelle volunteered her family members to put up the road signs the Sunday (11/3) before the Festival.

9. Recycling Center abuse

Joyce reported no progress on configuration of video recorder to the network.

10. 2012/2014 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation

There was no report on progress on the final report to Trust Mgmt.

11. New Business

A correspondent sent questions about the decision to use the ACC email list to send an announcement message about a music event on 10/6/19 at the Center, in which voluntary donations would be collected for the band. The board discussed how the event and the use of the email list fit into our existing policies. The Board has affirmed Dorothy’s commitment for ACC to co-sponsor the event, and to send the announcement about an ACC-(co)sponosred event.

We received a request to rent the facility in July 2020 for a lunch stop of a bike event. The Board decided that the request best fit our rental pricing schedule for Group 3 (people outside the community), kitchen-only rate, 4-6 hrs, with a rental rate of $60 (plus $150 refundable security deposit).

12. Proposed agenda for October

Holiday Festival preparations

13. Schedule

ACC Board 10/9, Holiday festival 11/9


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