2017-03-08 Minutes

Alpine CC Board Minutes
6:00 pm Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 at ACC

Present: Dorothy Brinckerhoff, Rachelle Payne, Roger Irvin, John Scott, Charlene Opheim, Joyce Long (by phone)
Absent: Dena Elliott

1. Discuss & approve minutes of the previous meeting

2. Review board email votes since last meeting

In emails on 2/22, 2/24 the board discussed an email vote on hiring Rachelle Payne to work on Licensing/QRIS topics at a rate of $15/hour up to a maximum of $450, but the vote was not clearly articulated or clearly approved by a majority of directors. This proposal was moved again by Dorothy, seconded by Roger, and carried by all 4 directors (Rachelle recused).

3. Prioritize Agenda

4. Financial Report

The Board reviewed the financial reports for January and February. Accepted.

Char initiated discussion about how the preschool finances are portrayed on the financial reports. Board discussed how to better communicate how parent fundraisers and ACC general funds make up the difference between the costs of providing the preschool and the tuition.
Action item: (John) Develop graphs to show the relationships between preschool costs, tuitions, and ACC support.

5. Preschool Report

Charlene reported that she has registered for the DOE Oregon Registry Online, and has sent in her college transcript for evaluation for placement in the ratings. She will also soon sign up for the DOE Central Background Registry.
Char attended a class this month about the Oregon Registry Online. She learned there that her 14 years’ experience owning and teaching a preschool does not count on the Registry’s rating system.

Preparations are under way for the Alpine Preschool Scamper 5K fun run on May 6th.

6. Background Checks for Volunteers

After last month’s meeting, questions arose about which form we were to use for these background checks. At this meeting, two remaining board members filled out the forms for the DOE checks, and we instructed Char to go ahead with sending them in with the covering list.

7. FFF Grant for Staff Development and QRIS Plan

Char reported back to the board with copies of several documents from Oregon DOE related to the requirements for and process for licensing as a child care center. Char has scheduled a pre-certification inspection for April 4th. Included in the packet is a form for the certificate of occupancy that we need to have signed off by two departments at Benton Co.: planning and zoning, and building codes. Joyce talked this month with a representative from the planning and zoning department who confirmed that, as long as we do not exceed 12 students, we are operating within the permitted uses of the Village Commercial zone that ACC is in.

Action item (Joyce): Obtain estimate from locksmith on crash bar installation.
Action item (Dorothy): Take form to Benton Co, planning dept. Kevin Young for guidance on signoff process.
Action item (Dorothy): Check with Rick Smith on key things to work on for an occupancy load evaluation

Char and Claudia are signed up for PCPO Early Childhood Conference on March 18th; Rachelle will attend a QRIS/Spark orientation class on March 14th. Char is registered for a CPR certification class on April 8th.

Char is discussing with Shirley Rubio setting up a class for our preschool parents at Old Mill Ctr on Violence and TV, and another on Advocating for your Child in the Schools. The Board also discussed asking Fire Chief Rick Smith to do a CPR class for the preschool parents.

8. Recycling Center abuse

Report (Joyce): Configuration of video recorder to network. Tabled.

Report (Dorothy): Concrete pad for under the bin. Tabled.

9. 2012/2014 Trust Mgmt Grant Implementation

Action item (Dorothy): Place order for the preschool signs.

10. Volunteer recognition

Rachelle texted her volunteers about enthusiasm for various forms of recognition. She got one positive response about recognition at a monthly dinner, and two positive responses about a gift certificate/card. Dorothy and Jeanne are thinking about a resale shop staff meeting, which could be combined with some recognition. Dorothy & Rachelle will set up a date for a meeting that can work with as many of our volunteers as possible. Rachelle will get gift certificates to Benny’s Pizza.

11. Prospects for the future of Alpine Water Company

On 2/22/17 John attended a SB Citizens Advisory Committee mtg at which possible futures for the Alpine Water Company were discussed. He reported to the board by email about the discussion. The Board discussed worries that this year’s water quality and chlorination issues might have a bearing on our pursuit of licensing. Dorothy assured the board that AWC is a public water system that meets all requirements for preschool licensing.

12. Alcohol service for private events at the Center

This month an inquiry from someone booking the center for a private party prompted discussion about whether we need to require licensed servers when events plan to serve alchohol?
Action item (Dorothy & Roger): Review our insurance policy for applicable constraints.

13. So. Benton Community Advisory Group (SBAG) for M. Hull bequest

Roger reported on the SBAG mtg last week.

14. New Business

We have had some confusions lately with Co-Energy Propane that resulted in our propane tank reaching empty. We decided to change from billing for metered usage to billing for fill amount, in hopes that this will reduce the potential for missteps.

We have had a community member email an offer to volunteer for the Resale Shop, despite missing training sessions we had scheduled for that person previously.

There was an incident this month with a fire alarm from event staff not monitoring food in the oven close enough. Char called SAC to clear the alarm, but they did not have her on the approved representatives list.
Action item (Dorothy): Follow up with SAC to get all directors and staff on the approved representatives list.

Rachelle reported that she has not yet secured installation of a telephone line for the resale shop.

15. Proposed agenda for April

Plan for July LDS work day in July

Painting the interior main hall

16. Schedule

ACC Board 4/12, Preschool Scamper 5/6

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